The cartridge is important printer element, which thus also affect printing quality.
We sell new and refurbished original print cartridges.
If you doubt what option is the best, we will advise you individually.

Cartridges for sale

We sell inkjet and laser print cartridges of various manufacturers. We offer a wide range of choices, and help to choose economical product suiting your needs.

Cartridge refilling

Cartridge refilling printer cartridge refill, renewal – the best choice for those, who are fond of economical and environmentally friendly solutions. We use modern equipment to perform the procedure, which guarantees a high-quality result. Cartridge is used many times, thus saving resources and nature. 
Print quality with refilled cartridges will remain the same as and with the original cartridge. That is ensured by two factors : professional workers and use of high-quality materials. Each cartridge is tested.
Bring the cartridge to the office and we will fill it in 15 minutes.


VIVATONER cartridges

Looking for the best price and quality ratio, we offer premium standard equivalent cartridges that fits various printers.
Most of the customers, after trying Vivatoner cartridges, does not return to other alternatives – you should try it too!